Integrate Slack
  • 02 Jul 2022
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Integrate Slack

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How to integrate Adadot with Slack

Adadot truly comes to life once you’ve integrated your tools, allowing us to join the dots between disparate data to help you make sense of it and empower your performance and wellbeing.

One of the key integrations is your collaboration and communication tool. In this article we’ll walk through the simple steps to integrate Slack with Adadot.

How to integrate Slack

Simply log in and click on Integrationsto get to the above screen, then click the Slack image . This will reveal a tick box, read the terms and conditions and tick the box. Click the connect button .

You will then be redirected to Slack and will be presented with an authorization screen, showing you exactly the data Adadot will use as shown below:

Read the terms shown and then click ‘Allow’ to authorize the integration.

You will then be redirected to Adadot and shown the below page whilst we pull the relevant data from Slack to your Adadot dashboard:

Congrats! Your Adadot dashboard is now populated with your own real life Slack data. Want to complete the picture? Integrate GitHub or GitLab to ensure your dash is all powered by your own data.

How do I disconnect the Slack integration?

Want to remove the Slack integration? No problem, you can disconnect the integration in just three clicks.

First click the integrations tab at the top . Then click the Slack logo (you can tell you are integrated by the little link image in the top right corner of the Slack logo). Finally, click the disconnect button. You’re done!


What is Slack used for? 

We use Slack data to make up your Collaboration and Wellbeing dashboards, where you will find all sorts of metrics which can help you take steps to more healthy, effective and efficient communication and collaboration behavior, as well as empower you to put your wellbeing first at work.

What other tools can I integrate with Adadot? 

Currently you can also integrate with GitHub and GitLab to populate your Work dashboard. Check back soon for more as we are constantly adding new integrations!

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